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How an online entrepreneur, a website or blog owner can find and use free and legal photos on their websites or blogs? Creative Commons is the solution! Read and discover how to use creative commons images!

A lot of website owners, online entrepreneurs, and bloggers turn to the photo search directly on Google when they are looking for free stock images to use in their blogs. However, you should know that photos found and used in this way are subject to restrictive copyright terms and conditions.

Because of this, Creative Commons was created as an alternative and as a way to avoid being sued for using a photo that is not yours. Creative Commons allows created and authors to license their creative work for distribution and additional use.

We always advise our readers to check the terms of the license. Before using a creative commons-licensed photo on your blog, double check the terms and conditions of the license. By doing so, you will be 100% sure you are allowed to use the photo. Most photos require to attribute the source or the work to the original creator, while other photos include extra restrictions.

Before we continue, here is a quick break down of the types of Creative Commons licenses available:

    • Attribution - Once you noticed that an attribution is required, it means that you have to attribute the work to the original creator in the way they have specified. Please, be careful not to imply that the original creator has endorsed you in any way.

  • Non-commercial - The work or the image must be used for non-commercial projects and purposes only.
  • No derivative works - This means that only verbatim copies of the photo or work must be downloaded, used, and shared, and no altered or derivative versions of the photo.
  • Share-alike - This type of Creative Commons license means that the photo must not be placed under more or different restrictive terms for re-use than those provided and established by the original creator.
  • Licenses for photos and other works might be usually designed as Attribution, Attribution-noncommercial, Attribution-share-alike, and other combinations. You should always check the terms of the photo you are planning to download and use and be absolutely certain that you are complying with the specific requirements of the creator.

    Photos that have been made available to use through a CC license can be found on Wikimedia Commons or Flickr. All you need to do is type in a specific keyword or search term that best describes the photo you would like to find, don’t rash and take a moment to check the terms and conditions of the license for the photo you like the most, and use it on your website or blog with with the necessary attribution.

    There are websites where you can find amazing and inspiring photos that won’t be featured anywhere else. Some of these websites are Flickr Creative Commons, Unsplash, 500px Creative Commons, Pixabay, Libreshot, 4 Free Photos, Animal Photos, CompFight, Cupcake Nilson Lee, Dreamstime Public Domain Photos, FindAPhoto, Free Images, From Old Books, Gratisography, Startup Stock Photos, Stock Snap, Toper’s Photos, Travel Coffee Book, Viintage, Yeah! Stock Photos, WikiHow, and etc.


    Before, finding free photos under a CC license or Creative Commons license was a daunting process as most of the online market was dominated by the popular stock photography websites. But, luckily today, we have all of these great websites where you can find high-resolution and high-quality photos you can use for the online project you are currently working on. So, check out these websites, find photos you like, and attribute the work to the original creator. Take a look here

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