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Creative Commons Pictures

Whether you are a journalist, blogger or have any other type of content that you create and post online, hunting for images is definitely a situation that you have found yourself in before. Using just any image that you find on Google may be an easy way out, but it is definitely not something that you should do because this way you risk stealing someone’s work and this is something that can ruin your reputation and is also highly unethical to use someone’s work without paying them knowing. That is why it is important for you to use images that are licensed for you to use and those are creative commons images and here are three places where you can find some.

Wikimedia Commons

With over 15 million free image, sound and other types of media files, Wikimedia Commons is definitely a website where you can find what you need. When you are on the site you are able to search for images based on categories that are topic-based like flags, animals, medicine, flowers and so on, or if this isn’t the type of search that you want to do, then you can also do search by location, the type of media you are looking for like images, videos and so on, the type of license that you are looking for, the source of the images and so on.

Creative Commons search

This is a pretty obvious place to start when searching for creative commons images, and yet a lot of people still don’t think about it right away. The official site has a search option that will let users search some pretty great websites that will give users free-to-use images. The function will let you search for specific websites for images, but it also has the ability to give you access to other types of media like videos or music, if that is also something that you are looking for to use on your website. So basically, this site will connect you to any website that offers these types of images.

Yahoo Image Search

While going on Google is not something that we recommend, Yahoo has created a functionality that is similar to the way Google works and it allows you to find creative commons content in a very easy. If you are interested in finding images under the creative commons license, all you have to do is perform a search on Yahoo Image Search and once you get the results simply pull up the menu that is located on the left side of the screen. This menu can sometimes be collapsed, and all you have to do in those cases is hit the arrow button in order to expand it.

If you want to sell something on your ecommerce, promote a product on your professional website or make a business out of blogging, great images are crucial in order to attract the attention of the people that visit your site. Starting out can be difficult and good images can be expensive, so take our suggested sites and find what you need in no time and for free.

The BIG Guide to Free Images for Your Blog Posts // Part 2: Creative Commons

— Marianne // DYOB (@marianney) 26 de diciembre de 2017

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